Enduro Training on Tour Liguria

Duration:  from 1 to 7  days
Motobia’s recommendation: Long Weekend (4 days)

We’ve laid out a course which is perfect for beginners. Unthreatening gravel roads lead to the sky in all directions, ideal for getting used to loose surfaces and the inevitable lack of grip. There are a number of slightly more challenging sections and optional routes when you’re ready to do more.

The „Dynamic Training Tour“ is the perfect combination of learning and having fun. It’s our method to teach and practice enduro having fun in a totally safe way, in the past some of our clients came to Motobia scared and resigned, convinced that to be part in an Enduro training means having  a good chance of getting hurt or injured.

Motobia developed a new „step by step“ training philosophy over the past 12 years. Starting from real basic exercises like position, manoeuvring and balancing your bike, progressively teaching you all the driving skills to be able to drive in all the different situations, up and down hill, stony ground, jump over logs, river crossing, riding in ruts, drift and much much more, never forgetting the playful and dynamic aspect of training, mixing theory and practice sessions, on tracks specially selected for this purpose.

The novice, after only two days of „Dynamic Training“, will be ready to safely take part in a beautiful and unforgettable tour. We train all abilities, from complete novice, through more advanced, an introduction to competition and the ultimate “ride like a Pro” level once you’ve graduated through the other levels.

Motobia Italy original dirt bike tour company, with 22 years experience!

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