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made-in-italy1Off-Road Enduro & Adventure Motorcycle School: trail riding, bike & equipment hire, coaching, tuition, guided tours and training on tour.

We do our best to deliver you the best Enduro adventure holiday possible, the quest for something different from the banality of everyday life. The desire for a holiday to become a ‘dream come true’. We get that at Motobia, we believe that all of our unusual Tours have an element of dreams coming true.

Motobia Enduro School & Tours includes:
  • Excellent accommodations, stay in selected 4 star hotels with superb Italian hospitality and comfort.
  • Enjoy delicious local food in our typical local Italian restaurants.
  • Explore the impressive regions that Italy has to offer, from Piemonte to Sicilia!
  • More then 20 Years of Experience as Instructor, coach and tourguide, from beginner and hobby-enduro rider to coaching for your hard-Enduro Event like the Romaniacs.
  • Relaxed Beginner Enduro Training with lots of patience or a very challenging Hard Enduro, our tour-guides are very experienced and well trained to be always at your service and will always offer the right route, meeting exactly your experience.
  • We specialise in bringing anyone from street to off-road and your Enduro dream, we teach you from enthusiast beginner to a passionate Enduro Spezialist, probably not in one week :-), but together we can and will do it.


  • Only one hour from Airport Nizza
  • Mild climate all year round, also in the winter.
  • With your own bike or one of our Rentals.
  • Special conditions for larger groups and clubs, just leave us a note.
  • Individual tour and/or Training possible at any time, please use the contact form below for any special request.

Offroad Tours and Training in Italy

with Enduro motos

Motobia Tour guides

The groups consist of an average of 6 people, after a selection according to the same driving capability, still  very difficpicture1ult to meet everyone’s expectations.

How  to train a qualified tour guide.

The tour guide communicates with the customers, understands their needs and draws the path which best suited them. In the case of anything unexpected, he has the flexibility to change the program and find  the best solution for the new situation and the only goal is to entertain everyone.

Motobia’s Tracks, a huge Enduro park

Our locations are full  and rich of wonderful tracks that we constantly increase and maintain.

After all, what does Enduro mean to you?

tobiatrainingEnduro means to drive your bike off-road.

And what does off-road mean to you?

Off-road means a network of tracks that you can ride with your motorbike.

And the more various and fun tracks there will be , the more you will enjoy your enduro holiday.

That’s why we invest so many resources, to discover, to select, to increase and maintain all those tracks that will be our natural obstacles like following a river, driving along a mountain ridge and reaching the top.

This huge Enduro park which represents Motobia’s Enduro Tracks.


Tobia Bellomo

My job is to be a professional Scouter and Tourguide for over 20 years. The reason why I chose this job is because it was my dream which I have been practicing as a game since I was a teenager .

The joy to work outdoor and the feeling to be free with my bike, to choose the best tracks using my fantasy  (scouter) and to share this with the others (guide), I continuously increased my passion to be a professional Tour guide.


I organized an Enduro trip with 9 colleagues. Tobia prepared everything and we could enjoy 4 top days with Enduro riding at its best. Tobia is the best Enduro guide and organizer for me. Simply TOP! Thank you.

The best choice for the perfect Enduro experience

Professional Enduro training as well as relaxation and culinary enjoyment are guaranteed in the all-inclusive carefree package. Tobia knows how to give you exactly the right tips and instructions to improve your riding technique. I am an Enduro (and motorcycle) beginner and already feel very comfortable on my bike after the second training session.
Grazie Tobia! I’ll be back soon.

For our birthday we decided for an enduro tour with Motobia instead of a party. It was perfect! On tours with Motobia there is something for everyone, whether you prefer Hard Enduro or just want to have fun according to your skills.
In the evening we enjoyed great Ligurian cuisine and good wine. We will surely come back.

Here you can go on holiday and improve your Enduro technique. Very competent team, great equipment and many different tours in great surroundings. What more could you ask for? I will come back

Salome Experience Report

Without motorcycle experience and at the advanced age of 55, I wanted to realize my dream of Enduro riding. I found MOTOBIA on the Internet. Only a short time later I dared my first Enduro attempts in Liguria. At first Tobia assured me: If a student does not learn and understand something, it is not because he is stupid or clumsy, but because the teacher is not able to teach it to the student. In addition, fear is always positive. It shows us our limits and protects us from damage. Every morning we drove with the two Enduros in the van into the wild mountain world of Liguria, where I could practice the basics away from the traffic. After the three days of basic training Tobia convinced me to buy a small Enduro.

Two months later, in January 2019, I completed my second training with MOTOBIA – this time with my new Honda 125xr, the perfect beginner bike. This time we drove every morning with the Enduros directly from the garage through fantastic areas with wonderful panoramic views of the sea – alternating onroad and offroad. Tobia always explained me new technical details and exercises. What MOTOBIA of course never misses out on is the enjoyment of the Ligurian cuisine – both during and after the tour. In four days I learned a lot and feel quite safe on my Enduro. Driving is really fun. I will stay tuned – my big goal is the Motobia “Coast to Coast Tour”.

Gallerie Pictures

Enduro Tours & Training Events

Introductory Course

one day

Dynamic Training Tour

Long Weekend, 4 days

Laydies Only

Long Weekend
4 Days

Custom Made Tour

Long Weekend, 4 days


Coast to Coast

One week, 7 days




You drive a off-road bike for the first time or you have already participated in a training but still do not feel safe and ready to take part on an Enduro tour. You want to learn how to ride the bike safe and to have fun. You want to live your first Enduro emotions without stress and pain.


You have already participated in an Enduro training or an Enduro event before and want to improve your driving skills to drive safely. You want to have the pleasure to share Enduro with your friends or with traveling companions.


Enduro is one of your hobbies and you have participated in several tours so far. You are able to control your bike pretty well and want to live out your desire for speeding and driving up and down the mountains. You use the Enduro bike frequently and you are able to handle various situations


Enduro is your passion. You are well trained and want to have an ambitious Enduro vacation to prove that you can overcome even difficult tracks. You use the Enduro bike regularly and are able to master tricky situations.

Catering And Accommodation


From the 4* Hotel Riviera Dei Fiori it is only a stroll along the port promenade to the center of the town of San Lorenzo al Mare and allows great access to restaurants, café’s and bars. It offers a wide range of services you would expect from 4* accommodation including direct access to the sea, a spa facility, free internet access and a stunning view along the coast.

Hotel Riviera dei Fiori
Via Aurelia 3, 18017 San Lorenzo al Mare (IM)



Lunches in local restaurants on the route.
Dinner in typical Ligurian restaurants.

The Italian Riviera

The ‘Italian Riviera’ is a loose term usually applied to the stretch of coast in Liguria which borders France. Like its neighbour, the more famous French Riviera, this coastline boasts blue seas, stately resorts with casinos and palms waving along the promenade, and attractive inland villages.

The blue waters, the attractive coastline and beaches, and the exceptionally mild climate have long been the Italian Riviera’s biggest attractions. Sheltered from the north by the Maritime Alps, the strip of land by the sea has a micro-climate of its own; with sunshine and comfortable temperatures the whole year round.


Motobia Italia Enduro Tours & Training

Via Aurelia 3, 18017 San Lorenzo al Mare (IM)

Email: tobia@motobia.it
Tel:     +39 328 0497951‬

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