Enduro Introductory course 1/2 day …Sea to Sky






You want to know how it feels like driving a real Enduro Dirt-Bike?

You want to know about the Enduro-driving fascination everybody talks about?

Then we offer you the opportunity to get to know Enduro riding on a real dirt-bike under supervision. Within a few hours we will infect you with the fascination of off-road driving. Here, you will not only be introduced to the technology, but the introductory course will help you decide whether dirt-bikes and off-road riding awakens your passion.

The introductory course costs 230, – € incl. Dirt-Bike und complete Riding gear.

The introductory courses take place parallel to the other trainings and tours. This is why it is important to talk to Tobia (+39 34 721 465 31) in advance to pick a suitable date and time.

Motobia Italy original dirt bike tour company, with 22 years experience!

Get ready for the “Ride of Your Life!” Want to enjoy the thrill of the machine and a sense of discovery as you venture through some of Italy’s most stunning scenery? Experience the freedom and fresh air as you trailblaze ’round some of the country’s best off-road trails with our team. Based in San Lorenzo al Mare, Italy, we offer a range of all-inclusive dirt bike adventures. We supply top quality, well-maintained, latest model bikes, along with all the riding gear you need to have a true exiting off-road experience!



  • Tailor-Made Introductory Tour
  • Mixed training sessions (theory and practice) under professional supervision
  • KTM/HUSQVARNA Model 2016/2017 incl. Gas
  • as-new Gear and Protection „Head to Toe“



1/2 Day € 230,- (min. 2 People)


All year round

In the Request Form, please tell your Desired riding date(s)


  • Valid drivers licence
  • Healthy and fit

By air, we advise you to fly to Nice (NCE) Airport, we can organize your transfer to and from the Airport.

Starting point:
Hotel Riviera dei Fiori
Via Aurelia 3, 18017 San Lorenzo al Mare (IM)

By Car, see map below.